Helping Our Teens Build Skills for Thriving Independently

Finding Happy in the Hot Mess of Life

Real Talk and Tools for Teens and Their Adults

Our kids learn much growing up, and it may look to the outsider that everything is going great. And — they may still experience struggles, feeling under water with stress, pressure, and overwhelm, or not know where to start on something that seems surprising that they don’t know.

Nothing has gone wrong. Rather, there’s other life skills to learn (for them and us!), starting with the idea that life is messy — for everyone.

To support our kids, let’s talk practical skills for thriving in the hot mess of life.

We have become such a society of “creating a perfect life” on social media and focusing on only showing that to the outside world no matter what is actually going on inside. Robin’s frank conversation style brings a level of comfort to talking about not having all the answers. She opens up the dialogue about being your authentic self and embracing all the feelings. It’s time people realize that life can be messy sometimes and that is 100% ok!

~Mindy Carpenter, Parent