Notes on Sometimes

Notes on Sometimes

Sometimes you won’t know what to do. Listen. Answers are there and will come, when given enough time and space.

Sometimes you’ll feel afraid. It’s okay if you do, it really is. Feel the feelings of being afraid, let them come.

Sometimes you’ll feel angry and won’t know why. Feeling angry is not bad. Anger is a catalyst emotion. Let the emotions flow in and through. That is the way to learn what you need to know and then let them pass through. Shoving, stuffing, push down or away — that won’t make them go away.

Sometimes you’ll think you want one thing but maybe it’s not actually what you want. It’s okay to change your mind.

Sometimes you might yell or say something you later wish you hadn’t. It’s okay. Be kind to yourself; apologize if/when needed, and remember that you can try something different the next time. Then try something different the next time.

When things feel off, you’re not bad, wrong, crazy, broken. It’s just a message, something pointing you in another direction.

When you feel the fight energy welling up inside, take a moment to notice and listen to it. What’s there for you to learn, to know? What are you missing?

Sometimes you won’t get an answer to your question. It’s okay to ask again (and again). You can also ask someone else to help get a different perspective.

It’s okay to trust your own feelings, guts, to go with your opinions. You don’t have to follow the crowd.

It’s okay to create your own definition of beautiful. What could be more beautiful, more “full of beauty,” than that?

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