On Polished Videos and Messy Human Beings

On Polished Videos and Messy Human Beings

I was watching a life-coaching type of video this morning by Brendon Burchard (who I think offers a lot of terrific insights and ideas; if you’re looking for some inspiration, check him out). As I was thinking about what he said afterwards, I felt a little irritated. Brendon, it’s just not that easy for me to make that sort of change. Maybe other people can, but I can’t flip a light switch on and off. That’s not how I work. Maybe I’m defective. I don’t know. Screw it all.

I sat with the irritation (really, really trying to practice feeling feelings, over and over and over again — maybe someday it will get easier,). And then I was reminded that it was just a video that had been edited (and maybe a lot). It might not be that easy for Brendon (or anyone else) to make life changes. If he had chosen to walk me through each of his personal steps, I probably would have been watching for two hours instead of 12 minutes. I suspect his process is probably just as messy as mine, in his own way. The more people I talk with, the more I see everyone has some hot mess parts of life where they get stuck. And it’s not because any of us are bad, wrong, a failure, whatever. We are all just human! I forget this a lot.

So anyway, my takeaways from the ponderings today:

-Videos, articles, etc., are edited (and polished, many times) versions of reality. Real life is messier because it is. No one and nothing is perfect. (And we may need to remind ourselves and teens of this over and over.)

-We are all human.

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