Everything is Connected

Everything is Connected

Today’s food for thought: Everything is connected.

Getting to a place of feeling great mentally, physically, and emotionally isn’t just about the food we eat and exercise we do. Those are important, but they aren’t everything.

Where and how you spend your time (and who with) are important. How are you feeling about finances? What about a job? Do you like your teachers and/or boss? How about relationships and friendships? Anybody you see consistently fill you up and leave you with a smile? How are you spending your waking hours?

We can eat all of the kale and broccoli in the world, drink only water, and exercise faithfully for 30 minutes every day. And if we’re spending your time in a soul-sucking activity or job, walking on eggshells in a close relationship, or feeling like there is never enough to go around, something may still going to feel off in our body. 

Nothing is life exists in a vacuum. Everything is connected.


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