Mental Cement

Mental Cement

Today’s food for thought is on getting ourselves out when we start to get stuck in the thoughts in our heads.

This morning I got caught up in my head. I was worrying about commitments scheduled for this week — if I want to go, what to say, and what to bring if I do go. I thought about interpersonal sticky spots. I frowned over the “should do” list, groaning over  the bathrooms that need to be cleaned and a grocery run that needs doing. The thoughts dribbled on and on. I felt worse and worse.

I was all caught up in my head — and I’ve learned (time and time again) that I don’t get anywhere from this space. It’s like falling into a vat of mental cement.

Today I noticed the mental cement (a win!). While it felt easier to stay put, I got myself up and swung my arms around, adding in a few jumping jacks. I get numb in my body when I’m in the cement.

A first step to getting out? Scratch the record — restore feeling: MOVE. Then take a look again — is anything clearer?

Move again (and again) as needed. It may take awhile, but eventually I’ll notice I’m not so stuck anymore; I can feel (and think more clearly) again. This space holds a lot more possibility.


2 thoughts on “Mental Cement

  1. Jordan Wells

    Woke up in a similar vat, my friend. Reading this helped shake me up enough to start moving and check something (not everything) off the list. Thank you!
    Loving your posts! Keep it up.

    1. skipthebox Post author

      Thank you! And something is always, always enough. I like to think that I’ll get to everything, but even on the best days, I never really do — it’s always something. 🙂

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