Mission Critical: Feelings and Emotions

Mission Critical: Feelings and Emotions

I ponder regularly on feelings. I used to shove down most emotions and feelings (nope, can’t feel that!). I keep learning that emotions and feelings (and actually letting myself experience them!) are mission critical to actually thriving. We all have them and experience them. It’s part of being human. Will we use them so they are an asset ,or will we not and let them become a liability?

From a search on Google:

Feeling: An emotional state or reaction.

Emotion: A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Consider: What if feelings and emotions aren’t good or bad? What if they just are? (Hint: They just are.)

Scary: Feeling an emotion or feeling, especially a different one, can seem scary somehow. And — if we’re not feeling and allowing ourselves the space to experience whatever come up, that emotion/feeling is going to get lodged in the system. Lodged = a liability, a drain on our energy and focus.

Good news: We won’t die from experiencing emotions and feelings. And if we learn to actually experience them, they won’t get lodged (less energy wasted!) and most dissipate pretty quickly,  plus they are the best internal GPS guidance system we’ve got.

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