Advice for a Younger Self

Advice for a Younger Self

Today’s food for thought is around suggestions, thoughts, advice, and recommendations for a teen. Something to perhaps consider first: If you could go back and talk with your younger self, what might you share? What do you think you’d listen to (or not)? That could be a place to start.

Some days, there are so many lessons I wish I could bestow on my younger self. I’d want to tell her to not worry about falling off the beam — just go aggressive. I’d tell her it’s okay if she gets a B in school; life will go on. I’d tell her to avoid dating that guy (and that guy and that guy), as well as that it’s okay if she wants to leave the “right” job — she will be able to find another job. I’d tell her that worrying about her weight and trying extreme measures won’t work in the long run; being kind to herself and taking baby steps will always be enough. And so many more things.

Those would be helpful, but I wonder if my younger self would listen. Somehow, I suspect she might not listen that well at all.

Perhaps the most helpful thing would be to let her know she’s doing just fine. That she never has been (and never will be) broken, bad, crazy, or a failure — she’s a perfectly imperfect (and messy) human being, just like everyone else. That she’ll have hot mess times and it’s okay; we all are a hot mess sometimes. She’s doing just fine in this thing called life, and putting one foot in front the other and trusting herself on which way to go will always get her wherever she wants to go. Maybe, just maybe, she’d hear this. I think she might.

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