Finding Happiness (Or Not)

Finding Happiness (Or Not)

Today’s food for thought is on happiness.

Happiness (the sustainable kind) doesn’t live in food and drink, nor in social media scrolling, compliments, new toys, or promotions. Sure, sometimes things outside of us can bring fun, smiles, and immediate good feelings And sometimes that can be awesome. Yet ultimately, the high from the outside will end. And if it bumped us up via artificial means? We might come crashing down.

It’s easy to search in the wrong places. Really easy. Many have an allure and/or we’ve heard that they promise happiness, but when we buy in, we ultimately find it’s a false, fake happiness that only creates a deeper hole. So we likely try to fill that deeper void, but it can’t be filled by more of the false stuff. No, that stuff only makes it bigger (though it sells a lot of stuff we don’t really need).

So where is happiness found? For you, I don’t know. What do you think? Listen, get quiet and really listen. Listen past that (potentially screaming) voice warning you about going in this direction (you might die! — but no, you really won’t). Stay in the discomfort. You will make it through.

What is here? What do you know, truly know? Maybe you don’t know how you know it but you know. Listen.

I hear rest, nap, smile, one thing at a time, sunshine, me time, morning smoothies, tickling my children, turning cartwheels, submitting a new article I’ve written, sharing about my work, taking a few minutes for some exercise to clear my head, receiving a hug, sometimes cooking a meal, walking outside, taking my son to school…other stuff too. These places? Happiness, the real and true kind, is found here for me.

How about for you? If you’d like your teen to be happy, a great place to start is by finding happiness for yourself.

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