What If…

What If…

Today’s food for thought is a selection of recent ponderings:

-Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb: “So much is a cry for love.”

-Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk: My stroke of insight

-What if:

What if so much IS a cry for love?

What if when we heard something that felt painful, personal, hurtful — after letting whatever we feel run through us for a moment (pain, anger, frustration, annoyance, irritation, etc.) — what if we consider that the message isn’t personal? What if it’s coming from another’s pain? (And this isn’t to condone actions or agree. What if we just decided not to take on the weight of “this is personal!”?)

What if we were nicer to ourselves?

What if we were nicer to someone else, because it left us feeling better?

What if we forgave someone else, because it freed us? (Check out #7; Love this definition of forgiveness from Oprah.)

What if we did something fun today, because it was fun?

What if we went in the direction that felt effortless?

What if we didn’t try so hard?

What if we believed, knew, trusted we were enough (and have always been enough)?

What if we didn’t try to stop ourselves or others from feeling pain? (What if we held each other instead?)

What if we trusted things would work out? (Maybe not the way we initially planned, though ultimately with great beauty.)

What if we considered ourselves pure positive energy?

What if we showed up today — messy or not?

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