Doing Fine

Doing Fine

Today’s food for thought is for our teens.

Hey. How’s it going? Quick note as you head into your day:

On the most fundamental level, you are doing fine — always have been and always will be. You are doing okay, enough, not broken or bad, and just where you need to be in life. You are doing fine. (And note that everyone else is too.)

You’re going to (and already have) made plenty of decisions and taken plenty of actions — some good and others not so much. Regardless of however things have gone, you are still doing fine. Seriously.

In the event you don’t like the decisions you’ve made and actions you’ve taken — maybe they haven’t felt good — cool: you can try differently the next time.

The fact that something doesn’t feel good doesn’t mean anything about YOU on that most fundamental level. Nope. Rather, it’s a piece of information about the direction to go next. If something doesn’t feel good, it’s a nudge to try another direction. What would feel better? That’s all. It’s not a commentary that you’re failing, bad, or broken. It’s a pointer for your next step, if you care to listen.

You are doing fine. Got it?


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