Pain, Forever, Seasons, Bonehead Mistakes

Pain, Forever, Seasons, Bonehead Mistakes

Considerations for a hard day, when life feels painful for you and/or your teen:

Pain. It’s hard to witness, to feel, to experience.

Pain is real.

Real in its suckiness and messiness, tiredness, depression, and despairing. Real in the physical pain that can come too, and that never seems to leave (unless stuffed with food, alcohol, or some other “medicine” — but then it comes roaring back).

Pain can feel like a cut from a knife, or it can leave you numb. In either case, it hurts. A lot.




And it’s inevitable in this thing called life. Life hurts sometimes. It can hurt a whole lot. (And everyone experiences hurt sometimes. We’re all a hot mess — sometimes.)

It can hurt until you can’t breathe anymore. It can make you crawl back in bed and pull the sheets over your head, hoping the light from the day will go away because it adds to the pain.

Pain burns. Oh, how we fear the burning. And I wonder — what if in the burning is clarity, a knife slicing through BS? What if it’s only through burning to the ground that we can see our real self?


Nothing lasts forever. Nothing.

The feeling of joy will not last unending; neither will pain.

Maybe the point isn’t for anything to last forever. How would we learn, feel the impulse to feel, to grow, to try again, if the thing before didn’t change or end? Nothing is static.

What if there needs to be an end for a new beginning?


To everything there is a season. And all seasons offer beauty, if we’re looking.


You are braver than you think. Smarter, stronger, and wiser too. You will also make more mistakes than you think. Some real bonehead ones. You’ll say things you wish you could take back; you’ll hold onto anger and resentment. You might even suffer because of this.

Mistakes, challenges, pain will happen. Suffering is optional. It is.

You will get better and better at standing up again. If you want to. (Standing up = where the magic happens.)

One teeny tiny baby step at a time, you can and will get back up and move into the next adventure. There is always a next adventure.

And if you want it to be, the next adventure will be amazing.

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