Our Mental Health: Not in a Vacuum

Our Mental Health: Not in a Vacuum

How many struggle with mental health? I would guess many. I think it can be easy to get into the space of: You are messed up inside and need to be fixed!, though even if something does need to be addressed, I wonder how much looking at the situation from this space is helpful. How might we benefit from looking at mental health differently — and addressing it differently, say as part and parcel of our overall health and well being?

Our systems and body parts don’t live in a vacuum — all are interconnected. If we get off in one area, we’ll likely feel it in another. But because we don’t, in many cases, learn how to listen to ourselves so we notice what’s going on (or we unlearn how to listen), we miss the connection. Any action we take — what we eat or drink, medication we take, activities we engage in, thoughts we think, people we spend time with — has an impact across our entire selves: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Something that shows up as a disease or injury in the body could stem from something that seems completely unrelated (say, spending time in a job we don’t find fun, hanging with someone we find to be an energy suck, feeling repeatedly ashamed about a past decision, or worrying about what is going to happen in the future). And while the body may need some treating, whatever the underlying cause is needs to be tweaked or things won’t ultimately get better (I learned this the hard way with depression, eating disorders, and other fun, especially in the college years).

When something is or feels off (especially in the body), what if we considered it information, a signal, a “hey — open your eyes!” warning bell?

Are we listening?

What do you hear?

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