Who’s Creating What

Who’s Creating What

A consideration for you and your teen around responsibility:

A critical learning (which will get learned and relearned many times) that can make a world of difference in your happiness level: I am responsible for myself, and everything — EVERYTHING — in my life, good or bad, that I like or don’t — I have a hand in it all.

Nothing has happens or is happening to anyone in a vacuum. We are helping create our reality in every moment of every day.

Life isn’t happening to each of us — it’s happening for us and with us.

We may not always be happy to acknowledge this, yet when we choose to think life is happening to us (and thus we have no power or influence in a situation) — we’ve handed our power off to someone or something else. And no one can truly control anyone else. If our happiness depends on someone else changing (without us doing anything), there’s a pretty high likelihood that we’re going to be disappointed and unhappy by how things go.

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