Be the Model

Be the Model

Some of the best help and support we can provide our teens is through modeling — consistent modeling. (I have to laugh — even today, I struggle to listen to what my mom says sometimes (and it can be amazing advice!). However, when coupled with seeing her or someone else do it personally? I’m much more likely to actually consider it and take action myself.)

If we want them to feel less stressed about making mistakes? Perhaps we could share more about mistakes we’ve made (including the real doozies). Bonus points for sharing how we felt/feel, as candidly as possible (and age-appropriate), as well as what we did next.

If we’d like them to take a break from social media? We can put down our phones, tablets, and computers — in front of them.

If we’d like them to feel better about their bodies? It may be worth looking at what we’re saying about our own (or not), as well as how we’re looking at ourselves in the mirror, how we’re looking at others, and what examples of “success” and “beauty” we’re pointing out (directly or indirectly).

While we can’t make a change for our teens (or anyone else), we can help create an environment more conducive to health and happiness. Model what you want to teach.

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