Questions for Our Teens

Questions for Our Teens

Our teens are people, humans, individuals. With their own thoughts, feelings, wants, and desires. They are valuable resources to and for the world. Are we valuing them?

I’ve got some ponderings for our teens today. I’d like to know — what do they think?

A first question: Are YOU okay with you?

A few others:

What if you consider that you are responsible for your health and happiness — no one else is, nor are you responsible for the health and happiness of anyone else? Do you like how things are going and/or feeling? What do you want to do from here?

What if you considered that life is happening for you, rather than to you?

What if you reminded yourself that sometimes those in adulthood don’t know what they are doing (no one knows all of the time!), and you kept in mind that they are trying?

Are you proud of your decisions? (The sweet spot is in being proud of your decisions, truly proud. If you can look yourself in the eye in the mirror and know you made the right one FOR YOU, there you go.)

You are birthing your adult self, and you will be the primary parent to your adult self. The process may be painful at times — and you are doing it. What’s next for YOU?

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