Reflections, Hating, Learning, and Anger

Reflections, Hating, Learning, and Anger

Thoughts for today:

What if how things are going with our kids is a useful reflection of how things are going with us? This isn’t about blaming ourselves for where they are at when life gets hard (which happens!) or anything like that. Rather, it’s about using the info around us to inform us. Kids are sponges for the energy given off by others in an environment. Want insight into what’s going on? Look at the kids.

You can’t hate yourself into a version of yourself you love. (Thanks for this thought, Annette Sloan!) It doesn’t work that way. We get results in the same energy as the effort we put in. Want your kids to feel good about themselves and their bodies? Show them how to love their bodies by loving your own. This means we need to look at ourselves and how we’re treating ourselves, whether others can see us or not. For example: How do we talk about what we’re eating? Are foods “good” or “bad”? Were we “good” today or “bad” today? Do we try on an outfit, frown, and pick and pinch our body? Consider what those kinds of words and actions teach our children. Is it the message we’d like them to learn?

Life is all learning. All of it. If we take away the labels of “good” and “bad” — what if there are simply choices, actions, results? And we each get to make choices, again and again and again all day long. And the most helpful gauge of how we’re doing: How we’re feeling on the inside. Ease, expansiveness, joy, satisfaction in any situation — that’s the sweet spot (and coming from here, more and more and more, is the best way to get more of the good stuff in our lives).

Feeling angry can be a catalyst for great change. Staying angry requires a lot of energy and comes at a cost. What will you do with your feelings of anger when they come up (and they will sometimes)?

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