Just One Sentence

Just One Sentence

Trying to make a change and it feels too hard, that you aren’t going to be able to do it, that you’ll fail yet again? What if you try something that is in the direction/facing where you hope to go, and that also feels somehow easier to do?

For example, say you want to write a book but feel overwhelmed. You’ve said you want to and haven’t been able to start. Maybe for years. (And years and years.) Maybe you’ve taken book writing courses and watched videos on how to write. It seems so easy, so what is your problem?

Okay, there are tons of ways to get going. For some, they might be able to get a book going after a course. Or maybe there are some who can write a book in a day. Who knows. You are you, not them. If that way isn’t working, let it go.

Here’s something else to try: open a new document today. Just open the document. If you really want to go for a bonus, you can save it to your desktop. Just do that today.

Tomorrow, open it again. No need to do anything but that. Same with the next day and the next — practice opening the document each day.

Perhaps in a week, after you’ve been opening the document daily, you add one sentence, any sentence. Add a new sentence, just one, for a week. (And if needed to help get it done, set a timer for 5 minutes and write something down by the end of the time. It’s okay if the sentence you write doesn’t make any sense. Write something each day. One sentence.)

Feel free to laugh and scoff (I have). I get this may seem stupid, inconsequential, like nothing. Here’s the thing: this is a win because you’re building the practice of doing something, of writing something each day. This is a step forward. THIS IS PROGRESS.

If you’re feeling up to it on one of the days and want to write a paragraph, go for it. If all you can manage is a one word sentence, write the one word.

Do what you can.

And in a month or two after writing a sentence (or maybe more) each day? You will be in a different place around writing. It may be slight or huge. In any case, it will be different. Perhaps ready to finish your book or maybe not. Or maybe you’ll find you’re learning something else, like you want to create something other than a book. I don’t know what you’ll come to. However, what I do know? Start taking some action and you’ll begin to find more clarity, more direction, more inspiration.

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