Believe the Best

Believe the Best

We all show up. We all do the best we can. And that is always, always, always enough. The person next to me, to you — our children, family, friends, and strangers — they are trying their best. Whether or not we can see it. They are trying.

We don’t know where they started from nor do we know the steps they’ve taken. Heck — their current actions and decisions could be light years more positive from where they’ve been and what they’ve done previously! Let’s not waste energy trying to assume or guess at where they’ve been — we aren’t going to know, because we are not them. Their experience hasn’t been our experience.

Go with the belief that they are trying their best (and if we’re looking for their best, we’re more likely to see it). If nothing else, we’ll feel better. The energy of feeling positive, loving, and kind towards another warms us from the inside out and stops the energy drain that happens when we stay in the “what the f**k is their problem? I can’t believe they did that — how dare they” space.

And note that this isn’t about condoning behaviors or actions that hurt another or being a doormat. Rather, it’s about managing the energy we have available in life — let’s not waste it in staying in anger and judgment. Let’s plug the unnecessary energy leaks. Try assuming the best of someone and then using our available time and energy to do something fun, try something new, and improve something that needs a tweak — and then watch what happens in the ripples outward.

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