Effing Stuff Up

Effing Stuff Up

*Note: Today’s food for thought contains some four letter words. I’m including them because they would have gotten my younger self’s attention to something important I needed to learn if I wanted to move out of depression, eating disorders, and other struggles.

You will f**k shit up. You will. If you’d like a less swearing way to say it: You’ll mess stuff up. You will.

We all do. So I’m just going to lay it out there.

You can get hung up on thinking you need to be perfect. You’re not bad if you get hung up here. I thought I needed to be perfect for a long time. Lots of us do. If you do, congratulations: you’re human!

And — you will mess shit up. Repeatedly. All throughout your life.

A maturity thing for all of us is to get over worrying about messing up, mistakes, or whatever else you want to call it. Mess ups will happen.

And — then we learn.

We learn more from the mess ups than from doing it perfectly. And frankly, that’s a sweet spot in life: learning something. Figuring something out. Getting it wrong and wrong again and yet again — and then figuring it out! Hot damn!! That feels good. And then we’re off to learn more, to further expand our horizons.

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