No Trampling Needed

No Trampling Needed

The choices our children make will be different from those we make — like our choices have been and are different than those of our parents (and likewise for them and their parents, and on and on). Our children live in a different world than the one in which we grew up. We could say it’s better or worse. Perhaps more fitting is that it’s simply different. And different is…different. It doesn’t have to be good or bad, unless we choose to put a judgment on it.

What do I want for my kids? I hope for them to feel free to speak up, to speak out, to share their thoughts and feelings and ideas. And especially if/when they feel something isn’t working, isn’t ethical, or is unfair. I want them to know I have their back. And if I hope they know this? I’d better make sure I do have their back — when they first start to speak up.

Part of this is understanding I won’t always agree, and allowing myself to go into a place that may be uncomfortable for me. I may not always agree with what they say, their thoughts, or their perspectives. That’s okay. I have had different and more experiences, so it’s no surprise I may look at something differently. And it is possible to offer my perspective without trampling over theirs. There is room for so much — if we look for and allow there to be.

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