Leaving Behind the Gloss

Leaving Behind the Gloss

We find ourselves told — who to be, what to wear, how to eat, often through a shiny veneer — and we yearn for freedom, something that feels real to us, though we may not be able to put a finger on this longing.

So we start to look for something different, something that feels more like freedom and real (hello teens and twenties!) — and may likely come across cheap realness that doesn’t feel as much like it’s telling us what to do (though sometimes it is, just more sneakily and hidden behind something that feels more entertaining — or numbing). Here, too, can be a layer of gloss.

And then, if we care to keep looking, we may come across wisdom emanating from real, open, true spaces — and find that we are encouraged, invited, nudged to think for ourselves.

Realizing we have always been our own best teachers and can pick and choose from the resources available rather than blindly listening and/or following? This is the sweet spot . It will feel unknown, perhaps uncomfortable, and ultimately like home.

It’s here for all of us, if we keep on looking, opening our eyes wider and daring to question everything.

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