Crappy Thought Land, Stories, Tangents, and Scratching

Crappy Thought Land, Stories, Tangents, and Scratching

Sharing stories can prime a moment for shifting paradigms (when we find ourselves off in “these thoughts are crappy and yet I can’t seem to go in another direction” land). Stories and random tangents can be useful for record scratching.

Scratch the record. You don’t need to worry about getting rid of it. Hell, that’s hard, especially when you’ve been playing the same track(s) non-stop. Rather, scratch the damn thing up. Then when the troublesome track plays, it’ll eventually start to skip — and you’ll eventually start to notice when it’s playing. Then when you notice it’s playing? You can decide whether or not to let it keep going.

You may decide to skip that track that’s tripping you up and play something else. Or maybe not. In any case, you’ll be able to start seeing when what track is playing. And being aware of the current track is useful. It’s hard to change to another track when you don’t know what you’re listening to right now.

The more scratching and noticing you do that, the easier it’ll get. And the more track changing you do, the easier that will get as well. Eventually, you may find yourself realizing you don’t need and/or want the track and/or even the record around anymore. Then that’ll be the time to take it off the turntable and discard it, if you decide it’s not serving you anymore.

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