Teen Speak: On Pain and Funks

Teen Speak: On Pain and Funks

Teen Speak: On Pain and Funks

Curious about a teen’s perspective on pain, funks, and dealing? Below is a “Teen Speak” version of On Our Pain.


By Lexie

We all get into funks sometimes, heck! I’m sitting in the doorway of one right now. As a teenager (or maybe just as a human), I’ve learned my own way to deal with myself in these funks but I’ve also discovered that if anyone interrupts my system, it may not turn out so well. This sort of response is no one’s fault in particular, though could be defused (and potentially avoided) through communication.

In these moments, I’ve become more aware of what is throwing me off: maybe I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and the hangry evil twin of mine that I share a body with is crawling up from the depths, maybe I just had a disagreement with a friend of mine, or maybe I’ve been sitting in traffic for over an hour and the exhaustion of the day is finally catching up. Whatever I may recognize however, may not (and likely will not) be obvious to those around me and so all they see is someone acting unreasonable and grouchy.

When I’m in this place, I really need time to cool off and get away from people to collect myself, and I could do a better job of making this clear to the people around me before a nasty argument results and I retreat to my room to lick my wounds. I’m not perfect, no one is. But I’m getting better at this and will get even better with practice, as we all could do.

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