Do You Need to Simp?

Do You Need to Simp?

Do You Need to Simp?

Today I learned a new concept: “simping” (verb: to simp). This was not one I learned in college, though I now have, thanks to my college kid. Check out her take on getting through struggles and how simping can be useful.

One of Those Struggling, Go Back to Bed, Bad Days? Simp

By Lexie

Simping: A new slang I have learned since moving to college. It means to be in “the feels,” such as listening to sad music or just embracing the moodiness.

People might think of simping as a bad thing, just like people sometimes think of feeling upset as something wrong. Recently, however, most of my friends and I have had our own personal simping moments. I have seen so many people try to fight the emotions, but I’m finding this tends to backfire. So my first advice to them is to go full chick flick moment with ice cream and Netflix to help indulge in the feelings so that they pass sooner (or whatever their version of ice cream and Netflix is).

The longer you fight the emotions you feel, the longer they’ll persist. You cannot force yourself or anyone else to be okay faster than they are ready to, so sometimes the most useful (though maybe not intuitive) thing you can do is to hang out in the space of not feeling okay in order to be okay sooner once you’re done.

So simp if you need to (I’ll be eating that ice cream and watching that movie that makes me cry!). It just might help, and you’ll be feeling better soon enough.

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