Teen Speak: On Positive Self Image

Teen Speak: On Positive Self Image

Teen Speak: On Positive Self Image

Positive self image. What does that mean to you? How do any of us get there?

Some thoughts I’ve had: Getting to Positive Self Image…

Today we’ve got a teen’s perspective.

Lows, Feeling Angry, and Positive Self Image

By Lexie

Positive self image is not necessarily achieved only by telling yourself again and again to be positive until it sinks in. Sometimes it comes from those “f**k it” moments in life.

Just last week, I was in a funk but my friends convinced me to go to the gym. I’ll tell you right now that I am no gym junkie. In fact, I have been maybe three times since I moved into college a month ago and it was never me leading the charge, I assure you. Anyhow, in going to the gym, I hit the elliptical for a half hour while my other friend ran. It was just enough time to deliberate my problems in a way that made me somewhat angry actually.

I was angry that I was allowing myself to be affected in this manner by outside influences that really should not have the impact on my personal mindset that they did.

This anger gave me the push that I needed to put myself first again and realize that it really only matters what I think of myself. My bad-a** side came out and allowed me to recognize once again that I’m in charge of my life and how I choose to feel. Empowered is the best word I can think of to describe it. Sometimes positive self image comes from overcoming the lows in life rather than constantly trying to force yourself into believing something.

P.S. from Robin on anger: Feeling angry is not a bad thing! Consider: Anger is a catalyst emotion. We may not want to live in it all the time, though it can absolutely be useful and help us make a change. Thanks for this reminder, Lexie!

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