Teen Speak: Talking Clumsy and (Not) Taking It Personally

Teen Speak: Talking Clumsy and (Not) Taking It Personally

Teen Speak: Talking Clumsy and (Not) Taking It Personally

Clumsy remarks — yeah, we all make them. And it’s okay — and we can learn from them for the next time.

Today’s thoughts are from a teen’s perspective on clumsy remarks, courtesy of Lexie.

Teen Speak: Talking Clumsy and (Not) Taking It Personally

By Lexie

Little comments here and there can hurt, especially if small jabs begin to add up to one big gash. Clumsy comments — I like the connotation attached to that. More times than not, these comments don’t have any bad intentions behind them, though they don’t feel all warm and fuzzy on the receiving end, nonetheless. If you’re the one dishing them out, take a pause and think about what truly lies behind the urge.

On the receiving end, try to remember one thing for me: Nothing is personal. Yeah, I know it’s more difficult to keep in mind than one might think, but it stems from what we’ve been told again and again about other people: No one really has the time or energy to worry about you full-time because everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves and what people think of them.

Even with this being the case, it can still be easy for most of us to dedicate a lot of time to what others think of us and not enough time (in my personal opinion) thinking about ourselves and what we want. It’s easy to fall into this trap. So, it’s even more important to remember that when someone says a hurtful comment to you, it is more about them and not about you.

Maybe the person sees something in another that they either envy or simply don’t appreciate as much as they could, or maybe they just had a bad day. Regardless, don’t allow yourself to be torn to shreds like a bed sheet peppered with glass shards (it’s not personal!). When you take it personally, it won’t be long before you no longer have anything left of the original item. And that’s not a fun place to be.

3 thoughts on “Teen Speak: Talking Clumsy and (Not) Taking It Personally

  1. Lynee Phelps

    I really love your insight from a teens’s point of view. From my point of view, some of those remarks are meant as supportive; i.e. “You can get over this. You can handle this. You can handle anything, I’m sure of it.” Consider the source. Is it someone who really believes in you normally, and is usually very supportive? Or is it someone who is normally/often dismissive of your endeavors?

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