Make Good Decisions (that I’d like)

Make Good Decisions (that I’d like)

Make Good Decisions (that I’d like)

Lexie  recently chose this post I’d written to write her own thoughts about: Be Proud of Your Actions and Decisions.

As I read through her take (check it out below), immediate facepalm: oh, the number of times I have noted to a kiddo (including her) to “make good decisions.” I’m going to sit here for a moment, laughing with/at/near myself.

Looking at it from adult and parenthood, I see that this CAN truly mean “make a decision YOU are proud of,” though sometimes it doesn’t and is coming from the “make a decision I’d be proud of” or “that sort of decision could wind up with you or someone else hurt and I’m not sure what else to say and so I’m going with this” camp. AND — sometimes it’s useful to remind ourselves: the #1 person who needs to feel good about a decision is the person who made the decision.

Make Good Decisions (that I’d like…)

By Lexie

In a world, otherwise known as college, where you have almost complete freedom over your actions and choices, it’s incredibly common to hear adults tell you to “make good decisions” (or some other version of this), now that we’re on our own. Now, don’t get me wrong, I agree with them on that but I also think “good” is very subjective. No two people will have the exact same ideas as to what is positive or negative. Something one person sees as deplorable could be no big deal to the next person.

All I’m saying is that you have your own moral code ingrained into you and your own definitions of what is what. According to those, you will act in a way that you see fit, whether that follows the beliefs of others or not. Because of this, no shame should ever be brought upon you by anyone else for how you act as long as you don’t hurt anyone else in the process. It is beyond important to make judgement calls that you are proud of for you.

It’s not that no one else’s input matters, though really, no one else’s input matters. Doing the best that you can is all you can do and that is something to be proud of. You are the one living with your decisions, and if you don’t have any regrets, leave the regrets at the door that anyone else tries to offer you for your actions.

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