Big Decisions: It’s Been Sitting Out So to Eat or Not to Eat…

Big Decisions: It’s Been Sitting Out So to Eat or Not to Eat…

Big Decisions: It’s Been Sitting Out So to Eat or Not to Eat…

Lexie recently wrote about her experience and learnings via freedom that has come with college and being more on her own.

After reading the post (particularly the line “…but there’s something different about having to completely care for yourself…”), I challenged her to consider areas she’s not yet 100% responsible for and/or handling — what were her thoughts there? Here’s her response. (And yes, eating the protein box turned out fine. 🙂 )

Big Decisions: It’s Been Sitting Out So to Eat or Not to Eat…

By Lexie

I’m currently sitting here looking at a protein box I bought a few days ago, wondering if not refrigerating it for a few hours yesterday made the cheese and hard-boiled egg inside instantly trash-worthy or if I can still eat it.

I can already see the cringes from the adults reading this, but oh well. If I was back at home, I likely would have asked someone for their opinion or tossed it just to play it safe. College does something to you though, as I noted in my post last week. When buying your own food, you have a much harder time wasting it, especially if you’re limited on money.

I might’ve sounded like I had my sh*t together or something in that last post, but I think a more accurate description is that I have accepted that I don’t know everything and have decided that this is a great time to let myself learn. I’m perfectly aware that the best way to learn is to make mistakes and then gather what I can do better next time. I also know that I’m not fully responsible for everything yet that I eventually will be, such as insurance, car maintenance, my full finances, etc. Though to be fair, I find that it works well to lay responsibility on someone in increments rather than toss it all at once, like throwing a piano at them and hoping they catch it; the increment method works better in my opinion. College, however, does have accountability.

Most professors won’t confront you or even care if you miss class — but say you do. Will you do well in said class? That’s up to you to decide. If your grade plummets after you skip three classes because you’re missing out on participation points, you need to take note and figure out a solution. No one else is going to do it for you because everyone has themselves to worry about, first and foremost.

I don’t know everything, but I’m learning and making progress. I’ve gotten to know more about my finances even if I don’t know everything. College is also helping me learn more about balancing free time better with schoolwork. I’ve handled my own health more by making appointments and buying what I need myself. I’m taking care of myself better than I ever have before.

And that protein box? Well, testing a piece of possibly bad cheese will only teach me more about how to continue improving in the future, even if I might have a bad taste in my mouth for a little while.

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