Take A Break

Take A Break

Take A Break

Recently Lexie shared some thoughts on the usefulness of taking a break. Yes, that fondness for Netflix may be more useful than my adult self has thought!

Today we’ve got another teen’s take on the importance of taking a break, particularly through her experience in the rigorous IB* program at her school. I especially love her final note: “…it’s teaching me the importance of balance in many aspects and understanding that keeping life balanced will be something I work towards for a long time.” 

Yes, we’re ALL going to be working on getting back in balance throughout our lives. There is no “there” where we’ll find that perfect balance for ever and ever. Getting out of whack will happen — and then we try our best to come back (again and again and again).

*IB = International Baccalaureate; CAS = Creativity, Activity, Service.

Take A Break

By Jordan

We have been in school for about 13 weeks now. This week is our first big break since we started this semester. And I think it’s time for us to enjoy a much-needed break.

During yesterday’s Socratic Seminar, we discussed the power of negative emotions and how having them can ensure our health – despite their immediate negative effects. Thinking about all of these concepts made me think about balance.

Balanced is one of the big IB learner traits, and in my opinion, one of the hardest to master. Being a balanced IB learner in the context of the IB diploma means learning at a rigorous level for many different subjects and areas. For example, the IB diploma requires that one class from each of the groups (making up a well-rounded education) is taken in a higher or standard level capacity. Additionally, the CAS component encourages balance in guiding students towards creative & active outlets, as well as valuable service. However, the one aspect of balance that is not integrated within the IB curriculum but is most important for a student in IB is balance within one’s self.

Balance in one’s own mental health & well-being is just as important as a well-rounded education. And in trying to accomplish that, balance is in taking some time in the day to have fun and relax, and then maybe work on the mountain of things to do. Balance is being able to take a step back from the stress of any given situation and understand that it’s not the only thing that matters.

Every day, I struggle to remain balanced. It always feels like something has to give in order to do so – grades, quality of work, mental stability, time with friends & family… It’s very hard to have a handle on it all & continue to remain balanced. However, I think if IB is teaching me anything in my experiences, it’s teaching me the importance of balance in many aspects and understanding that keeping life balanced will be something I work towards for a long time.

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