Dead Week…and I’m Not Stressed

Dead Week…and I’m Not Stressed

Dead Week…and I’m Not Stressed

Dead week: A term I had never heard before entering college, very much like silly (i.e., syllabus) week, but the opposite. The week before winter break is called dead week because finals are at hand to overwhelm students to their peak before they can finally relax and enjoy their break from school for a while. It’s coming and it’s coming fast; we’re all feeling it.

Just to give you a scope of what’s on our plates, within a span of the next seven days, I have four exams, a speech to present, an essay to write, and a video to create and edit on top of other smaller assignments. With that being said, why am I not stressed out of my mind? I’m not necessarily being productive and getting ahead or anything; I am procrastinating as much as usual. In talking to a few others who feel the same way, we simply realize that staying in the “stressed out of our mind” zone doesn’t help anyone or anything.

Stressing doesn’t get anything done. I’ve found it just puts you in a worse mindset to complete whatever it is that you need to complete.

Of course, it’s not always possible to just sit by and “not stress.” Sometimes you need to stress out for a while and then sit yourself down with a pen and paper and map out what you have due by date. I sometimes do this and find it helps me  figure out what I need to prepare for and what needs to be finished first. The pen and paper helps transfer some of the stress from my mind to the page, and then it weighs less on the mental to know I have something to reference as to what should be prioritized. It’s helping me survive my first dreaded dead week. If you find yourself stressing, give it a try — maybe it’ll take a little mental weight off for you.

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