Simon Says

Simon Says

Simon Says

Coming from a college student, university life is great and all, but what if I said it might be unnecessary? Yes, we go to college so that we can get a degree and then get a good job and so on and so on. That’s fine, but what if, as another option, we could be a Simon?

You’re probably a little confused. What does she mean “be a Simon”? Who is this Simon? Well, Simon is a good friend of mine who is taking a semester off, though it’s possible that he never returns to college life.

Maybe now you’re really confused. Why would someone want to drop out of college after working so hard to make it there?

Allow me to elaborate. Simon was a full-time student this past semester. He’s also a professional photographer, making good money off of his photography work. However, life as a full-time student limits how much work he is able to take on. He loves taking photos, he loves traveling, and he loves this job, so he’s taking a semester to find out if it’s enough to sustain him without college taking up his time.

Like I said previously, we go to college with the eventual goal of nailing down a good job. But here’s a “what if” for you: What if someone could skip college and still survive (and we’re not talking scraping by) in this world? (Or, for those who go the college route, what if more students were actually ready to hit the job ground running straight out of college?) Right now, Simon is in a minority with job preparedness. But hey, some of our most successful people in this world never went to college or they dropped out before graduating (think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg).

Educating yourself is useful, don’t get me wrong, but I think sometimes it’s possible to educate yourself better through experience rather than mainly book learning. I also think we could better teach more real life skills in high school. Learning how to market your skills to the masses and run your own business by the age of 18 (like my friend Simon) is impressive, but only because it’s rare in today’s society. What if we were all to do some shifting in focus around college and jobs?

Simon is a leader in this endeavor whom I commend for his hard work and courage. That being said, we will miss you, Simon, and I expect updates on all of your travels and successes because I know there will be plenty.

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