How to Make a Resumé (Wisdom from a Teen)

How to Make a Resumé (Wisdom from a Teen)

How to Make a Resumé (Wisdom from a Teen)

Before beginning, it’s best to choose a template you feel would work for you. Most online writing programs (and yes, you should most certainly create your resume electronically) will offer templates. If you can’t find one you like, there are more options online if you search “Free resumé templates” that you can download for free.

For example, in Google Drive, click “New” to open a new document, there should be an arrow next to the “Google Docs” option that will give you a drop down from which you will select “from a template”. You will then see a template gallery separated by sections and can browse the resumé specific section until you find one you like.   

Make a list of each thing your template lists. It should include education and work experience, but the rest may vary based on what skills you feel would be beneficial to show off and how much experience you actually have. For reference, I made my last resumé as a high school student so mine consisted of education, work experience, volunteer experience, and additional skills. This is because I had only ever had one job but a decent amount of reputable volunteer opportunities that were practically jobs without pay.

It’s beneficial to include activities in which you had to use specific skills, especially if they are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Hiring managers are looking for people with experience in time management, responsibility, communication, organization, leadership, etc. Do your best to show them that you have the skills they are looking for.

You’ll learn quickly to begin tracking when you began and ended employment at each job. This will come in handy when adding details to your work experience, such as position title and start date of employment/end date of employment. The dates do not need to be specific to the day, but try to include the month and year.

Make sure to include your contact information such as your full name, address, phone number, and email. This gives hiring managers the most access possible to get back to you about interviews or openings they might have.

Look into some websites for tips on how to make your resumé professional and polished. Below is a website I found that was succinct but also helpful: The Balance Careers:

Work from examples if you’re not quite sure what your resumé is supposed to look like. A simple online search for “Resumé examples” should do the trick. Here is a website I found that will even break it down into specific job fields for you as well: Resumé Genius:

Also, don’t forget to include a cover letter specific to each job you apply for if asked for!

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