Tips and Tools for Teens on Money Management

Tips and Tools for Teens on Money Management

Tips and Tools for Teens on Money Management

Lexie recently wrote about finances and what she’s learning in her first year at college. Here are some of the resources she’s finding useful. (And it goes without saying: we do not provide financial guidance or advice, nor are we affiliated with these services — they are her thoughts based on personal experience. Make sure to do your own research to verify a service and/or find what works for you.)

1) Mint: With the Mint app you can manage your finances all from one place. The personal finance software has budgeting and tracking features that are easy to use. It’s available in both app and online format.

2) Venmo: This one is more for easy, fee-free money transfers. It’s a popular app that allows you to keep a balance in-app. The in-app balance can either remain there or you can transfer it to your account, but I find it useful to leave some in-app so that it doesn’t dip into my actual bank accounts most of the time as long as it just about evens out.

3) Long Game Savings: There are plenty of apps that have an automatic withdrawal feature to help build your savings, but this is the one I have personal experience with. After maybe 2-3 months, the automatic withdrawals have already added up to a bit more than $65. You can also win some more money in-game which is nice because you still aren’t wagering any real money but you have the opportunity to win more. I haven’t yet but you can withdraw when you want.

4) Online Discounts and Coupons: I don’t shop online much but if I did, Honey, Ebates, and more apps like those would come in handy for saving money with coupons and deals.

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