Learn to Love Learning

Learn to Love Learning

Learn to Love Learning

All throughout high school I watched as the people around me started to hate school more, yet it was all they did. Maybe “yet” isn’t the correct word to use there. Most often, the reason a hatred for school bubbled up was due to the overwhelming nature of it and how it took over their life. Dramatic? Maybe. But maybe not. Think of the students around you that are taking all APs and also taking college classes at a nearby community college at the same time to try and help their chances for getting into a “good” college. I’m thinking of a real person I knew in high school when I say this. And yes, I get that college is getting increasingly more competitive, I really do.

But even in college, I’m seeing people who are taking classes that they don’t really want to take or too heavy of a course load. I commend those trying to finish college early and save money, yet I think it’s also important to pause once in a while and make sure you aren’t just blowing through your time here. There’s something about overwhelming your schedule that takes away the hunger to learn — and learning is the spice of life! You don’t want to lose it.

Breaks make it so that you don’t burn yourself out. Not to mention actually choosing classes that interest you when possible. This won’t always be possible but any class you actually want to be in is likely to give you a better grade out of it in the long run, which is what you want in the first place.

I’m not talking about just in school; it’s the same with overwhelming your life schedule with work, extracurriculars, sports, academics, or whatever else. You can’t do it all — we all need to accept this at some point. If we keep trying to do it all, we may not end up doing well in anything, which is not what you want either. If you’re feeling burned out? A break might be just what you need to find that love for learning that you either lost or never had to start with. There’s no shame in it. Take a break.

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