Mood Ring

Mood Ring

Mood Ring

I’m in such a bad mood right now. I had an amazing spring break surrounded by friends and family. Now that I’m back at school though, I’m moody. Spring break was such a tease. It felt like summer but ended too fast.

It feels wrong to give advice when I’m in this mood. Who am I to tell anyone how to do anything when I’m feeling down like this myself? This isn’t anything special though, this happens to everyone. I guess it just has to do with learning to figure out how to make yourself feel better.

Personally, I usually prefer to hang by myself until I feel better, but with the current living situation in a dorm, privacy is harder to come by. I’d go for a drive, but my car is back home. Going for a walk around the neighborhood and blasting my music in my headphones would help, but late at night, that’s the not safest thing to do. So I feel trapped inside of my own head, thoughts spinning. Writing doesn’t flow as easily when your head is in a cage.

I recognize that this isn’t the happiest post you’ll ever read, but sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack. If you aren’t able to create a shiny masterpiece every time, it’s okay. Just like it’s okay to not always feel at the top of your game, mood-wise. Ever see a mood ring? Mood rings are cool because they change color as the temperature changes. Now whether or not they accurately reflect your mood who knows, but moods and feelings and emotions do change and fluctuate, shifting from moment to moment.

It’s a part of being human to feel off at times. It’s also important to note that off feelings don’t last forever. They will eventually shift to something else (and probably will do so sooner, if you let yourself feel however you feel without pushing it away).

I’m already feeling a bit lighter by the end of this post. While it might have been nice to have my solitude in my bad mood, I guess I found a touch of that space here with writing, which has helped me get on my way to feeling a bit better. If you’re in a bad mood for whatever reason, you aren’t alone in your struggles. We’ve all been there and we’re all going to make it out eventually. For now, let’s just bump our fists and mood rings together and remind ourselves that the colors all blend together through the swinging of our moods, and it’s okay, and things will eventually change.

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