My Easter Egg Treasure

My Easter Egg Treasure

My Easter Egg Treasure

It’s the evening of Easter Sunday, which I’ve spent away at college instead of with my family, but their love has been felt from afar. As I’m writing this, I received a heartfelt text from my aunt that made me stop for a few moments and smile. Family has been on my mind all day today probably for an abundance of reasons. First off, I’ve been sick and it’s much easier to be sick in the privacy of your own home than in a dorm room the size of a shoe box shared with two other people. Being sick on your own can certainly leave you homesick as well. Also, today is Easter and usually it is a day spent with family so my mind has been racing with traditions and memories of past family fun.

I woke up this morning feeling fine but a bit bummed I couldn’t be home with my family. A little while after, my grandmother texts me wishing me a happy Easter and wondering if I had received her card yet. I go down to check the mailbox and there’s a bright yellow envelope inside from her. As I slip out the glittery card with Snoopy on the front, I smile at the wonder that grandparents are. My grandma always is ready for every birthday, every holiday, or special event that may be happening and she times that card to arrive perfectly. It amazes me that I can feel like her first priority all the time. She never misses a beat with a card or a text and it never ceases to leave me with a smile. After opening the card, I spoke with my family for a while via video chat which was refreshing since I couldn’t be there in person. Not to mention, I had spent days isolated to my room with sickness so I didn’t have much of a chance to speak to people so catching up with my loved ones was a nice transition back to life in the real world again.

There are twenty-five days left of college (but who’s counting?) and as much as I’ve ranted about how fun it is to live with friends all the time, it isn’t necessarily easy. At a point, you get so comfortable around them that they are like family, and everyone knows you need breaks from being around your family all the time. It doesn’t mean you love them any less, it’s just a nice reminder to alternate your time more between the two, and maybe some time alone to shake things up. Currently, my gratitude is more focused on my family, especially after remembering the little things that made today good.

I think sometimes we forget to give as much love to the constants that are in our lives because we feel like we see them consistently so they get enough of our attention. Remember though, it’s possible to spend your time around people without actually spending quality time with them. Days like these, however, are made up of quality time and a bit of extra effort towards whoever it may be who needs it right now — family, friends, or other loved ones. Consider who needs a little extra love and appreciation today in your life. Who comes to mind for you? Maybe you could do a little something to bring them a smile.

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  1. Jeanne Loehnis


    This is great wisdom. I love your sentence: “… spend your time around people without actually spending quality time with them…” So YES to remembering the special people in our lives. And YES to the extra effort – perhaps even the intention to bring the BEST of who we are to those closest to us – to appreciating rather than taking for granted.


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