Week 2 and Hangry

Week 2 and Hangry

Week 2 and Hangry

Note from Robin: This summer, Lexie is doing a three week experiment with cutting out gluten and dairy to see if it makes a difference for some acne that’s been hanging around. Here are her thoughts from week 2 (week 1 thoughts here).

As things go, I was very gung ho going into this diet. I was aware that it would be difficult but not how much so. It’s pretty simple nowadays to find meals that are gluten-free or dairy-free but finding both has proved more so the challenge. Even at vegan places (dairy-free), vegans eat gluten and so I’m still limited there, especially since I typically go out to eat only with friends and I feel bad limiting friends in terms of food. Due to this, I find myself eating less and snacking more on small foods such as grapes or gluten-free chips, which I would rather not do.

Perhaps I would feel more inclined to stick to it if I felt that it was working but, because it is still so early on, my acne is still worse this summer than I’ve seen it in a while. I almost quit the diet the other day when hangry me was sick of eating grapes and chips with dip instead of “real” meals. My family still helped me find something in the end and so I stuck to it. Typically I am usually very good about resisting temptation and I’ve done a good job so far but I’m also used to feeding my body what it craves and I’m mostly unable to do that right now.

Another aspect to it is that it’s probably simpler to do when you live on your own and do all your own grocery shopping because there are plenty of vegan or gluten-free substitutes out there, but when not doing your own grocery shopping, it makes it difficult to plan full meals for yourself. Also, if those around you are not on the same diet, that definitely contributes to the challenge as well. Many things feed into sticking to a diet and it’s easier or more difficult due to different aspects of the environment you’re in.

In conclusion for this portion, I’m glad this is three weeks worth of work and not longer because it isn’t an easy diet to stick to. I really respect those who do it full time and I’d be curious to see what system they’ve worked out and how similar it is to what I’ve learned so far.

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