Are We Thriving?

Are We Thriving?

Are We Thriving?

If we want our children to thrive? Then we need to be thriving.

So the question for today is: How can we bring our best selves to the table?

What can you do to be a greater you today? Would a nap help? How about reading a book for a bit or going for a walk? Or maybe simply sitting and doing nothing — no phone, no laundry, no dishes, no work — for 5 minutes or 1 minute. Pick something that sounds good TO YOU and then take the time to do it. Make the time to do it.

Yes, there will always be a million reasons any of us could find to not make the time to take care of ourselves. There will always be dinner to make, laundry to wash, work to catch up on, some nagging worry we could cycle through again in our heads for the 47th time today. And — perhaps those are the best reasons to make the time. Because they will always be there. Waiting until we feel more rested or ready or caught up or whatever we’re waiting for? What if we considered that that time probably won’t show up on its own? That there is no magic fairy going so suddenly come and clear our calendar and make us sleep or rest or take a walk. You know how we get to feeling more rested, ready, or whatever? It’s by choosing to do something that starts to help us rather than waiting (and hoping) until those feelings show up (because they don’t on their own).

You are the only one who can make time for you. We are the only ones who can make time for ourselves. Plus it shows our kids that it’s okay for them to make time for themselves, to take care of themselves, to rest themselves. Bonus win.

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