Mess and All

Mess and All

Mess and All

It’s the start of a new school year. My younger kids started last week; the oldest headed back to college for her sophomore year this morning, taking a car with her (!!). So here I am now by myself, musing on it all. Parenting is quite a ride, sort of like finding out you’re the teacher of a class you never took. Sure, you took other related classes, though not this specific one and without any “how to be a teacher” training courses. What could go wrong?

Or perhaps it’s more like being the owner of a circus. Sure, it’s crazy, but the monkeys you care for are your monkeys! And generally they are pretty cute. So you get a handle on keeping them alive and well and things move along (sometimes more smoothly than others)…until the day you get paperwork letting you know that they’ve actually just been on loan. Their job is to become a circus owner, too, and it’s now time for them to start breaking ground on their new location. So you’ve got to let them head outside of your tent while you say a silent prayer that it all works out (because they’ve kind of seen how a circus runs, but not fully and not on their own). Oh, the things that could go wrong!!

Into this new school, yes — there will be things that go “wrong” this year. We won’t be able to plan for everything nor save the day. Some days will be super messy and painful for them and/or us, and we might as well be honest with ourselves about that.

And with that said, it will also turn out to be a beautiful year. Life is messy, though useful learnings always come hand in hand with the mess, if we take the time to sift a bit.

So here’s to this new school year, here’s to growth, and here’s to us and our kids — we’re going to do just fine, mess and all.

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