Less Suffering, More Thriving

Less Suffering, More Thriving

Less Suffering, More Thriving

We didn’t get a class on how to be a happy, healthy, thriving adult — neither do our kids. There is no “Adulting 101” in high school or college. And yet that’s exactly what we want to be and what we want them to be! So how can we best help (and yes, we’re in the teacher role for this one)?

Here are three of the top skills (“Real Life Skills,” as I like to call them) that will help our fledgling young adults spend less time suffering and more time thriving as they begin to head out into the real world:

Getting a handle around a growth mindset and self-care will pay our kids (and us, too) huge dividends, so we’ll be starting to consider how to actually incorporate these skills into the messiness of our day-to-day.

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