No Experts Needed

No Experts Needed

No Experts Needed

Try this idea on today:

You don’t need to be an expert in an adulting skill (e.g., managing your money, handling stress and overwhelm, finding a job) in order to help your kid start learning about it. You can google pretty much anything to learn more in-depth details, tips, and techniques.

What is needed? Take a deep breath and start a conversation with as open and growth mindset-focused of a mind as you can. Ask questions about their thoughts. Listen. Ask more questions to (gently) nudge them into thinking more thoroughly for themselves.

Trying from where you are is way better than aiming to find “the best” resource and never getting to the conversation at all. They are going to eventually learn the skills needed to function as an adult whether you talk to them or not, though they’ll be better off for thriving, rather than simply functioning, if you offer them some thoughtful direction before they are totally out on their own.

So go and strike up a conversation about that life skill that’s been lingering.

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