So, What’s Your Mantra?

So, What’s Your Mantra?

So, What’s Your Mantra?

Do you have a mantra for self for this year, for the moments when your brain gets worrying about if your kid is doing okay, if things are going to work out, or whatever else gets you mentally and/or emotionally running on a hamster wheel? (Because we all get here.)

Maybe you’re thinking: Mantras?? What use are they? Something actually needs to be done here! It’s a situation where worrying is valid!

Absolutely, you’re right. Mantras are not some magical cure-all. Plenty of times action needs to be taken. However, our thoughts are hugely impactful, either helping or hurting us. Our thoughts and mindset matters.

We’re not talking about sitting and reciting some pretty words and hoping they’ll heal the world. Rather, here’s what I’m getting at: Before reacting to a situation, having a thought YOU find useful (note the individual emphasis on YOU) can help shift from react to respond mode. And if we’re honest with ourselves? Respond mode typically yields a more thoughtful and positive result.

There is no “right” mantra to use. There is no magical number of times to say it or think it or write it. Rather, consider it a thought to keep in mind and use when needed to slow or stop the spinning mental hamster wheel so you can get a clearer picture of what need to be done (or not).

Find a thought that works for you. It’s okay if someone else uses something different. Personally, I find these useful for slowing my head down just enough to see things a little more clearly:

-Life is messy for us all, sometimes.
-No one has it all figured out, all of the time.
-It’s okay if this moment feels awkward or painful. I don’t have to try and fix it. I can let it be and see what is here. I will survive the awkwardness.
-Everything is figureoutable. (This one is from Marie Forleo and a favorite when the old fixed mindset starts up the story that this situation is so difficult that I’ll never ever be able to figure it out.)

So, what might be useful to you this year? Play around and see what fits. “I miss the spinning thought hamster wheel!!” was said by no one, ever.

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