Make Sure It’s Right

Make Sure It’s Right

Make Sure It’s Right

The right way to do it — are you sure?

If we want to feel less pressure in the day-to-day of our parenting role, at some point we’ve got to take the pressure off of ourselves. As a start, let’s consider the right way to respond to our kids or handle a situation, or the right action to take with our kids, or the right way to feed them, or the right way to [insert any number of parenting-related situations here].

More and more I wonder: What if there isn’t a “right” way to do anything, especially related to parenting? What if we quit worrying so much about getting things “right” and instead took a step in a direction that felt better to us — and by better, I’m talking about feeling more expansive, more hopeful, more open?

I bet there are any number of ways that could get a parenting-related job done decently (and maybe even effectively, and efficiently) — depending on our specific situation and where we’re coming from (which is probably different than the next person). If things don’t turn out as we’d like, what if we take it as information about what to tweak the next time? What if we take a step away and look through the 30,000 foot view: This is another chance to learn, to iterate, to try something new? Because that’s what life is — a big (and messy) adventure where we get to try and try again on our path of creating cool things.

The next time we’re worrying over the “right” thing to do, let’s try this on: What if “right” is simply another version of “there” — and doesn’t really exist? Rather, in this situation, what might feel better to us — more expansive, hopeful, open? And then from here, take a small step based on what we find.

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