The Best Teacher

The Best Teacher

The Best Teacher

I am my own best teacher.

You are your own best teacher.

Want to learn something useful? Learn to listen to yourself. When you’re listening to yourself? Oh, the teacher you will be. In listening to yourself, you can:

Learn to feel when a pattern of thought leaves you feeling shitty — or great.

Learn to tell when a habit needs to die — or is useful to keep doing.

Learn to feel when you’ve overdone it and need a break, even if your rational mind says “you haven’t done enough yet.”

Learn to discern when YOU KNOW you know that your answer is a “no” to a request or ask. (And it’s always okay to say “no” — get on the “no” train.)

Learn to tell when you’ve been on technology too much. Yes, it’s possible to self-moderate, to take responsibility for yourself in this space and actually change a habit that isn’t serving you. This isn’t about phones being bad or knocking all technology. Technology has changed a lot of life for the better (and is cool). It’s about learning to use it safely, smartly, thoughtfully — to discern when the tool in the device relationship has become you.

Learn something that lights you up (which you’ll know because you can really feel it).

You’re your own best teacher. Be your own best teacher.

Our kids seeing us listening to ourselves will help them learn to trust and listen to themselves, too. Win-immensely huge-win.

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