Tweaking (or Yanking)

Tweaking (or Yanking)

Tweaking (or Yanking)


After reading this article on “redshirting” your kindergartner (which personally hit home for me — we went round and round with one of our kids whose birthday and readiness was on the edge), I appreciated this takeway:

“I wish I could have predicted the trajectory of his development and made a different choice initially. As with so many other parenting decisions, though, it was a judgment call and provided a good lesson: Make the best decision you can at the time, be willing to course-correct as needed and know that…it’s probably all going to end up okay.”

So for today, how about we ditch thinking we’re doing it wrong (or that we’re bad or failures) for needing to course-correct along the path of life (in any and all places, spaces, and situations).

Life is continued course correction, tweaking (or sometimes yanking the other way), iterationThat’s how it works for all of us (life is messy!). In the biggest, grandest, widest view, you’re doing A-okay, my friend.

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