Never Settle

Never Settle

Never Settle

I never realized how miserable I was at my old job until I started working at my new one. Maybe this was dumb to assume, but when I was younger, I thought it was normal to dread going to work and consume yourself with stress. To clarify, I was working at a burger place so it should not have caused me nearly as much grief as it did. Now that I’m at a new job in a higher end restaurant, I enjoy the people I collaborate with and the work I do far more than I ever did at my other job. Maybe part of this is that I’ve grown as a person since my first job but I also think the environment is so incredibly different that it is difficult to not notice the difference.

This idea of not settling for less applies to far more than just jobs. In fact, I’d say that this could apply to just about anything in life really. There’s a song lyric that I’ve liked for a while that goes: “Don’t settle for less, ’cause then you miss out on more” from Lil Yachty’s song “Better.” You might laugh at me using Lil Yachty for wisdom but I think he makes a good point this time. If you stick with something out of obligation, you’re missing out on other opportunities out there just waiting for you. Sometimes you truly need to close one door in order to open up three more. You never know what is waiting for you out there and you never will know if you settle and don’t look for alternatives if you aren’t happy with where you are.

In the end, no one is forcing you to stick with a job, significant other, friend, whatever it may be! If you are not happy or if you feel like things could be better, take the leap and see what else is out there just waiting for you. If you settle for less, you miss out on the more exciting things life has in store for you. Life isn’t meant to be miserable so if you are unhappy in your situation, it is up to you to take the first step towards change.

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