Diving into Year Two

Diving into Year Two

Diving into Year Two

A year has come and gone since I was preparing for my first year of college. The nervousness of living on my own has mostly subsided. I finally feel confident in things I had no skills in before like laundry and saving money. There was a whole list of things to learn at the beginning of last school year. Now that that’s been cleared, I’m prepping my new list for this upcoming year.

I got a lot done in this past year to lay a basis for my life on my own, such as opening a bank account of my own and maintaining my own living quarters. As this new year is quickly approaching, I’m looking to take on new responsibilities, like car payments and buying groceries for myself and my roommates. My confidence is high in myself simply because I know I have the ability to learn and refine these skills after doing so so successfully during my first year. It feels good to trust myself with my own money because I’m not a huge spender. I make my own doctors appointments and fully coordinate my own schedule, including deciding when to do laundry, because I can do that too now.

Obviously I’m not ready to live 100% independent yet but, if it came to it, the little by little increase of responsibilities year by year will help to cushion the culture shock that is bound to follow. After being assigned a target amount of money to make in order to bring my car this year, saving has become far easier and that helps to create a new lifestyle rather than simply a quick, temporary change. Lifestyle changes that stem from a self-driven learning are the ones that stick and mold into different styles to fit you over time.

I’ve believed this for a long time: nobody ever starts out amazing at life. You go to school to learn and then experiences carry you the rest of the way –that’s how you become a basic functioning human in real life who will eventually find these newly acquired skills as second nature while they continue to acquire even newer ones.

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