Skip the Stink in December

Skip the Stink in December

Skip the Stink in December

It’s March. What do you hope your kid knows or is better at by the end of this year? In addition to the academics and learning in the classes they are taking, what do you hope they learn in life?

How to take better care of themselves so they aren’t feeling so tired and stressed out by December, like last year? Or maybe how to better manage their time. What about getting a solid grip on what’s important to them so they’re less likely to be swayed by what friends and peers are doing? Or perhaps getting a job so they can start earning (and learning how to actually manage) their own money.

What’s on your list for your kid(s)?

Then next: What are you currently doing to help your kid learn or accomplish this by the end of the year? Say you want them to be better at managing their time so they aren’t still doing homework at 12am, what are your plans for helping?

Let’s get clear on a few things. We’re not talking about becoming nit-picky, helicoptering, or doing it for them. Sure, there can be short term gains in going those routes. Yet long term, do any of those routes set them up for thriving independently in the future? Not really. (And they end up a pain in the butt for us to have to do.) We’re also not talking about figuring out the “right” way to help them. There are any number of things we could do to help, and there is no perfect. We’re looking for something that will help our kid in the long run (and it may look different for different kids).

Yes, I know we’ve all got plenty to do and life is busy. However, if we don’t do something different, then nothing will change. (And waiting until “life settles down” or whatever else we’re waiting for to happen — that’ll just leave us waiting a long, long, long time.)

The end of the year will get here before we know it, and it will stink if we are in the same place. So, let’s figure out something small to do in, say, 1-10 minutes a day to move the needle forward and actually support our kids. (Baby steps really, really do make a difference!) And if we can’t find 1-10 minutes/day? Then the problem probably doesn’t hurt enough or isn’t high enough yet on our priority list. And that’s okay. Let’s just be honest about it.

To move things forward: What is one thing you hope they will get better at and what is one thing you can do to help them?

Hint: What can WE DO IN OUR OWN LIFE to model the behavior or skill or learning we’d like to see? Changing what we do just might be one of the most effective ways to change something for our kids. They may tune out us telling them what to do, though they are always watching, listening, and feeling our energy.

So, what could you try, do, change today?

Looking for ideas or some support? I’m here to help!

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