Use This Obstacle Now

Use This Obstacle Now

Use This Obstacle Now

Marie Forleo posed this question:

“How can I make this obstacle the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me?”

Life currently feels like a shit storm, so maybe this seems silly, unrealistic, or even wrong to do in the face of so much pain and sickness. However, what if it’s actually really, really important to truly give this a think right now? What if it might help set us up to be the most loving, helpful, and healthy people we can be for ourselves, our families, and the world? (Seriously.)

Considering how we can grow from a tough, challenging, and crazy situation doesn’t invalidate the pain or fear we or others may be facing. What it does do? It helps us connect to the spot of hope, love, calm, and compassion inside. That inner part (call it our higher selves, God, the Universe, Spirit, whatever you like) that can feel the bigger picture and can figure out what needs to be done next and love another through the pain. The part that will help us make it through this in one piece, the part that will help us as individuals, families, communities, and the world grow in unity, connection, love, healing, and peace.

So, how can you make this obstacle the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you?

This is the most important question to ask yourself today.

( For me as I’m home with 3 kids, one thing on my list is to actually take a look how I’m spending my time and my attention. How many times have I said, “Sure, let’s play that game/do that project sometime” — and then never got around to it? More than I’d care to admit. So I’m really, really working right now to make sure we play a bit of a game or work on a bit of a project every day. It doesn’t have to be the whole damn thing (I’m also practicing being patient with us all because yes — it feels hard to be mom and teacher and house-cleaner and entertainer and business owner and … — and I’m sure the kids are getting tired of hanging out with me sometimes, too). Yet we can do something.)

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