Love Notes to Self for the Messy Days

Love Notes to Self for the Messy Days

Love Notes to Self for the Messy Days

How are you today, friend? Hanging in there? I’m trying, too. Experiencing this pandemic has been…interesting. And can feel hard. And sometimes painful. Yes, there have been moments of beauty and appreciation — and then things seem messy again. Sometimes it feels like a constant roller coaster, and not one I want to be on.

If you feel alone, please, please know you’re not. Not alone at all, however things are going and wherever you are. And you are NOT doing this pandemic wrong.

I’ve been needing some love notes and reminders to help get through the days, especially the messy ones when everything just seems so darned hard, so I thought we might all be able to use a little extra love this week. Thus here’s some love!

1st Love Note: How are we doing on taking care of ourselves, on helping bring ourselves back from the ledge when we find ourselves losing it…or regrouping after losing it (which happens to us all, so if you’re losing it, you are so not alone)?

I’m finding that taking care of myself — head, heart, body, spirit — is THE MOST important thing I can be doing right now to help my kids and family. Seriously, 100%. More so than helping with schoolwork or doing extra projects with them. Because when we’re out of alignment and out of whack, everything gets out of whack. And what do our kids learn when they see this repeatedly? How to be out of whack, anxious, and stressed — not thrive. This isn’t about never getting out of whack or stressed, because life is messy and it happens — this is about the importance of the effort in coming back, again and again and again. So take care of myself, I will. Because my kids need to see me do it (plus it helps me feel better).

To help us reset, come back from the ledge, get back in whack, let’s practice bringing ourselves back, again and again and again. Because we will find ourselves out on that ledge again, and it’s okay when we do. If you need an idea of places to start, check these out:

For your HEAD

For your HEART

For your BODY

To be your kid’s POSSIBILITY MODEL

And if you could use some 1:1 support to get a self-care plan in place, I’m here for you. Head here for info.

2nd Love Note: I’ve got videos!

Could you use a quick reminder/love shot to help you get through the messiness of the current state of affairs (not to mention life in general)? I know I could. So last week I started making short (3-4 minute) videos and sharing them on my personal FB page. Today I wanted to share them with you — check them out here:

You can’t do this pandemic wrong
On structure in this madness
On those other people in your home
Who’s the tool?
On acceptance
On messy days with big feelings
Things not working out? Focus elsewhere

You are doing absolutely okay. There is no right way to get through the day. Just keep showing up the best you can. <3

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